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We invite you to get to know us and our dogs. We are breeding the great, royal breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.


Our dogs and girls are tested towards:
MVD (Mitral balve disease) - correct result 2017r PL
(Dislocation of the kneecap) - correct result
EF (Episodic falling) - clean result
CLEAR CC & DES (Curly hair and dry eye syndrome) - clean result CLEAR

Veterinary care

Veterinary care for our dogs is provided by an excellent specialist
Jacek Ignor - clinic - Nowe Skalmierzyce St. 25 stycznia 8
Mr. Doctor is a great animal lover. He is brilliant. He is fully devoted to his profession, worth recommending.

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In our kennel we sell puppies with ZKwP birth certificates,
it is not possible to buy a puppy "without a pedigree" from us !!!

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