Hodowla Zoryst

About us

Our adventure with this breed began a few years ago, exactly in 2001. Our first female was Aria
- kingdom nickname
Favorite. She was a pedigree and breeding girl with many medals won at shows. She came from a noble French line.

After a few years with Aria, when it turned out that they were really loved,
wonderful dogs, gentle, extremely attached to humans, fond of children and very obedient, in a word walking good and intelligence,
we decided that we would get the second female of a good line. This time blenheim ointment, because Aria was a tricolor.

We managed to get a female Kabajane from the high-class Gorcorgi kennel belonging to Mrs. Gorlicka. Kabajane is a high class female, Polish
champions from the English line. Both bitches participated in shows
national and international, where they won high positions, obtaining medals and finally the titles of breeding girls. Our next
female is Enisia, daughter of Kabajane.

Our mini-breeding is exclusively home-grown. Dogs from birth are constantly with
us at home and in the garden. By constant contact with people and
with careful care and appropriate learning from a small age, dogs are extremely intelligent and well-mannered.

They are fully cared for from the very beginning
a veterinary doctor we have known for many years. All our puppies have full documentation in force at the Polish Kennel Club.

Our females and puppies
accompanied by our rare breed dog - the white Tibetan Spaniel, whom we have had for nine years.