Hodowla Zoryst

FCI 136 group IX

General appearance:

Lively, graceful, proportionate, with a kind expression.


Fun-loving, cheerful, attached, devoid of fear and aggression, the perfect family dog.


Skull almost flat between the ears, shallow stop, length of the muzzle from the stop to the tip of the nose approx. 3.8 cm, black nostrils, well developed, without underpigmented spots. Muzzle tapering, lips well developed but not pendulous. the cranium is well-filled under the eyes, any tendency to a narrow muzzle is undesirable.


Large, dark, round, but not protruding, set wide apart.


Long, set high, heavily feathered.


Jaws strong with a perfect scissor bite.


Moderate length, slightly arched.


Short, compact, well-ribbed, straight back.


Well angulated knee joint - no tendency to cow's posture.

Front limbs:

Shoulders well laid back, straight limbs moderately boned.


The length of the tail in proportion to the body, well set, carried merrily, but never above the ridge.


Casual, elegant, with strong hind limbs, the forelimbs move parallel when viewed from the front and rear.


Long, silky, no curls at all, slight waviness acceptable, abundant feathers, completely un trimmed and cut!



- deep maroon color of patches evenly spaced against a pearly white background.


- black and white patches evenly spaced with tan above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, on the chest and underneath the tail.


- jet black background with tan above the eyes, on the cheeks, inside the ears, on the chest and underneath the tail the tan should be bright, white markings undesirable.


- uniform deep red color, white markings undesirable, any other color or color pattern extremely undesirable.


Weight 5,4 - 8,6 kg, a small, well-proportioned dog in this weight range desired.


Cavalier hair care does not require any special treatments. We bathe Cavalier when he needs it.

The basis of care is combing. This should be done systematically. For this we need 2 brushes: metal with rotating teeth for detangling tangles and natural bristles.

We don't cut Cavaliers and we don't trim them. You can cut a bit of a hair on their paws because it grows at an alarming rate and the dog might trip over it at some point :-)

We regularly cut the dog's claws, do not let them grow too much.

We rinse our eyes with special fluids for their care so that no streaks arise from tears on the hair.

We clean the ears of excessive hair, tear out excess hair from the inside of the auricle - this prevents inflammation.

You should not allow the formation of scale on the teeth, from an early age the dog is used to cleaning them with a brush and a special paste for dogs.